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Surrender - Yoga Teacher Training India

Surrender is a topic that's come up often in our classes and discussions over the last weeks. But what are we really talking about? Is it submission? Is it giving up? Is it letting go? We sometimes associate surrender with defeat or weakness. But surrender isn't a sign of weakness at all. In fact, it's an act of courage.

It's similar to how we say to be the 'bigger person' and just walk away when someone is taunting you or trying to start a fight. It can be far more difficult to turn your back than to return the insult in these situations. It takes an enormous amount of self-control and a higher level of understanding. Do these sound like qualities of a failure to you?

We live in a world where there's a constant battle for control, and we're afraid of what might happen if we loosen our grip on it. We want a plan and the security which that offers. But surrender is necessary in order to face the world and our lives with an open mind. We must be brave en…