Yoga Teacher Training Summary -TTC/Feb/2011

Written by Beata (

I came to Rishikesh to learn about proper alignment of postures and the benefits of yoga.  I was curious why some asanas (postures) are good for back pain, or why a child pose helps with insomnia.

When I decided about the course I knew I wanted to study in India, the source of yoga. I also wanted to experience ashram life which made the decision of location pretty easy.

The 6 weeks of intensive yoga training gave me more than I expected. Great teachers flexed not only my body, but also my mind.

Anatomy and philosophy classes made me realize the crucial meaning of the mind and body connection. It was shocking to find out that 80% of human diseases have psycho-somatic sources. Everything that is happening in our minds shows up in our bodies. Our emotions and thoughts are more powerful than we imagine so we should be very careful what we wish for.

Being here answered many of my questions but it also raised so many new ones. I started to think what my path to happiness is and what I really want in life. I began to realize that the few things I was going for weren’t even mine. I was just following usual patterns. Interesting and sometimes dangerous ideas start to form in your mind when you have a lot of free time. (Davvi is a perfect witness of it since he had to listen to all of it).

I am hoping that the teacher certificate which I obtained last Sunday will remind me to keep these ideas growing.

I am fully aware that this piece of paper doesn’t make me great teacher, but years of practice and experience will. However I am ready to share what I have learned so far and I am ready to spread the light of yoga.


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