TTC/April/2012 - 1 + 1 = 1

What does yoga mean? Surrender, peace, acceptance, letting go, interconnectedness, flexibility, being grounded, openness, the suspension of judgement, a mind-body connection, balance... These were just some of the answers given to this question when asked on the fist day of teacher training.

The answers were as diverse as the students. We'd come from Canada, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, China, Uruguay, Germany, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Czech Republic, Taiwan, and other places as well. We had different backgrounds, careers and experiences. We spoke different languages.

But we'd all traveled by air and train and bus and car for many hours to reach a city in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, on the banks of the sacred Ganges where we would become one. The personal journeys and paths that led us to Rishikesh varied, but our purpose was the same. Yoga.

The word yoga literally means 'oneness' or 'unity'. It's Sanskrit origin yuji, means 'to join'. This description couldn't be more accurate for these circumstances. The sense of unity in this group and at this place where so many individuals have joined together in the name of yoga is truly inspiring.

We arrived as many, but we will leave as one. And even after we've left Rishikesh Yog Peeth and returned to our respective homes and lives, we will remain one...

United in this common experience, in this beautiful setting, surrounded by supportive staff and sensational teachers, we will carry this energy and memory with us. Just as our energy and memory will remain. Near or far, we are all the same. We are one. We are united. We are. 


  1. Wonderful - Thank you for sharing!

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