TTC/April/2012 - Back to Basics

When you're just starting out in yoga, it can be easy to feel intimidated when you see more advanced students doing headstands and balance poses. And when you're one of those advanced students, it can be easy to get caught up in attaining more and more difficult poses while losing sight of what yoga is really about. Simplicity. 

Yoga teaches you how to sit... how to stand... how to breath... what to eat. These are simple, yet fundamental lessons for all of us, regardless of how long we've been practicing. Yoga helps us to restore the original human range of motion - something that's been lost as our bodies have adjusted to spending 40+ hours behind a desk every week.

Yoga helps us revert to a childlike state where we are more flexible both physically and mentally. When we're children, we're not afraid of judgement or failure. We have a sense of infinite potential and pushing our limits just comes naturally. We are resilient. If we fall down, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep going with the same excitement and vigor as before we stumbled.  

These qualities start to diminish as we grow older and become more influenced by what others tell us is or is not possible. Our awareness of others' opinions increases and we start to fear rejection and failure. These influences in turn start to affect our opinion of our self and our abilities. 

We need to go back to basics and strive to regain these qualities in order to grow in our yoga and our lives. The more we practice, the easier it will be.  

Yoga helps us restore this sense of freedom, fearlessness and possibility. Through breath. Through sitting. Through standing. It's so simple.


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